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Bulk Cement Hauling

At Glasscock Transport, we specialize in hauling cement or fly ash to various construction projects throughout our service area.




Fly Ash Concrete

Experience the seamless delivery of fly ash and cement like never before. Contact us today to get started on your next project!

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what is fly ash concrete?

Coal power plants generate electricity by burning pulverized coal, which creates a hazardous byproduct known as fly ash. The danger to humans, wildlife, and the environment presented by fly ash production can be mitigated by using fly ash to improve the composition of concrete.

In the commercial and industrial sectors, fly ash has a wide variety of applications and uses, though it is primarily known for improving the durability and workability of concrete mixes. Fly ash is also a filler in paints, adhesives, and metal and plastic composites. It's commonly used as structural fill for road construction and fly ash can be used to make bricks, ceramic tiles, plaster, Portland cement, and ready-mix cement.

Service Area

We offer our quality transportation and delivery services to multiple areas within our region, including:

  • State of Kentucky
  • Southern Indiana
  • Southern Ohio
  • Northern Tennessee
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